Motivational Monday || BACK BONE

The hate and the misconceptions are going to come like waves, especially from people who ignorantly judge your dreams because of their lack of understanding and openness.

I was watching a video by Jackie Aina on YouTube and she said “as a Nigerian, the roasting she gets from her dad is enough back bone to help her through the hate she gets doing what she does”, but what do we do when our support system is not so supportive, do we shut down? Do we let our dreams die?
Some people say “I don’t know what I will do if my family didn’t support my dreams”…you will still achieve your dreams if it is right because the motivation to show them how full of impact and how worth it your dreams are is all the driving force you need.


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OWN IT || Motivational Monday

For a long time I let physical things stop me from being my best and taking risks and owning ideas. What’s crazy is, once the excuses start, they keep on pilling up and you never seem to make anything work.  Continue Reading

⚓ LOVE WHAT YOU DO || Motivational Mondays.





There is a difference between loving what you do and learning to love what you do.

A lot of people place too much importance on their earnings rather than the peace of mind and happiness their job gives.

I understand that money is a necessity but to what extent can that money purchase? Continue Reading

⚓ HUMILITY || Motivational Monday

There are moments in life when humility is meant to be taught.

The struggle to not turn out to be a waste, the struggle to do great things and achieve in a way that makes one happy. The struggle to always bring your A game, I am familiar with it. I understand.  Continue Reading

⚓ REALITY || Motivational Monday

“My priority is to achieve my goals and to live a reality that people can only dream about”


For a few days now, I have been stuck in a day dream and believe me, it is paradise.
The truth however is, how real can it be? Continue Reading