5 Impactful Ways To Get Motivated To Achieve Your Goals In 2018.

Hey guys, so it is quite a norm for everyone to get super excited about the coming of a new year because it just brings a sort of excitement and presents a clean slate to be a new kind of you and to chase your goals and dreams further, but we get it wrong a lot of times thinking the new year coming is enough motivation for goal setting and for us to achieve our goals but it really isn’t. Getting excited about the coming of a new time is not exactly enough motivation to achieve your goals.

Like Pastor T.D Jakes said “it is not the movement of times that signals change and progression, it is the movement of the mind”, and I agree with this view because the excitement can only last a while if our mind is not truly and fully determined to execute this change with us.

The quote for this month is “Set Goals and Crush Em!” as depicted in the Cassie Daves Blog Planner and one which we have to admit goes well with January being the first month of the year and all.

Without wasting further time, here are:

5 Impactful Ways To Get Motivated To Achieve Your Goals In 2018.

1. Get Your Mind In On It. 

achieve your goals in 2018 by getting your mind in on it.

Like I mentioned above, the movement of time is simply not enough for whatever progress you expect to make in the New Year, but rather the movement of the mind. 

Transformation, possibility of change, desire to evolve is what separates us – T. D. Jakes

We have to consciously make the decision to change things and embrace newness. We have to actively convince our mind that change is what is important and the goals set will bring change that will definitely change our lives for the better.


2. Positive Intake.

achieve your goals in 2018 through positive intake

I recently picked up a habit of listening to sermons every day, specifically by Pastor T. D. Jakes and Joyce Meyer and also study daily devotionals (I call it INTAKE) and to confess, it is a surefire way to get your mind motivated enough to achieve your goals.

Like Joyce Meyer said “Words carry creative and destructive power and we have the power to determine the effect of what we either take in or say.”

This is why I am a fan of positive affiliations and impactful quotes because they have a long-lasting effect on our mind once they are assimilated.

It is important that we establish the habit of taking in positivity. This also includes opinions. Do we listen to opinions made by ignorant people who have no understanding of our dreams, people who use their failures to judge our future? In the end, we are accountable for ourselves.

“Stop wasting weapons on what people say, it matters what you say about you. You cannot be defeated by what people say about you, but by what you say about you.” – T. D. Jakes

Have you started to believe what they say about you wasting your time, about you not possibly making an impact, about your dream being baseless? What matters is if you believe them, that is where the damage begins.


3. Sieve. 

achieve your goals in 2018 by sieving

We have to admit that there are just certain habits that are bound to affect all the goals we have set negatively. Either it is waking up late, having terrible friends, listening to idle talk, jealousy, pettiness, unforgiveness, strife, confusion, malice, procrastination, blaming other people for all our mistakes, amongst others. We have to be prepared to let all the bad habits go to see change.


4. Plan.

achieve your goals in 2018 by planning

 Planning is key when it comes to making obvious changes in a period of time. One thing I have learnt is never to overwhelm yourself when it comes to goal setting because we get so lost trying to strain ourselves or wear ourselves thin trying to achieve goals. One tip I learnt from Cassie Daves Blog Planner is to draft out the long term goals and break them down either weekly or monthly and then go further to plan out these goals with actionable events…I feel like I just spoke one big English.

Journals are worthy tools for planning and maintaining goals, one person that definitely inspires me to keep journals is Ore. Read more on journaling on Ore’s post:

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I always admire people with the ability to plan with so much detail, it baffles me because they get a lot done just by following the plans faithfully.


5. Affiliate with Goal Oriented People. 

achieve your goals in 2018 by affiliating with goal oriented people

I can boldly say I make it a priority to walk with the right crowd because their drive is enough motivation for me to focus on doing my own thing and seeing it till the end. Moving with a success and goal oriented crowd is a strong push towards achieving your goals because not only does their support matter, they also unconsciously expose you to opportunities that will aid your moving forward.


In all said, never let the excitement to achieve your goals get dull by attaching it to the wrong things. I wish you all the success in slaying this year and being your best you. Have a wonderful week.

One last thing before you leave, I would like to share this infographic for your download (it’s free, just save it like you would save an image on Google..😊😊), it is a summary of this post, something to always remind you of this tips and hopefully give you some inspiration and motivation to help achieve your goals in 2018.

achieve your goals in 2018 with motivation from this infographic


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